We source premium vegetable tanned leather from the Hermann Oak tannery in St. Louis, Missouri. Vegetable tanning is one of the earliest methods of tanning raw hides, and until 1990 was how the majority of leather was treated. Today, less than 5% of all leather is tanned in this way, which is an organic process, as the tannins used in this process are derived from vegetable products including tree bark as well as other plant sources. We've chosen to source this vegetable tanned leather because it is the most natural leather available to us today, and is the only domestic leather available as well (due to the harsh chemicals used on other types of leather). Vegetable tanned leather starts in a beautiful raw form and then develops a unique patina over time, as it softens and darkens with exposure to oils, water, and sunlight. Each hide may have slight variation of color and markings.

We believe leather is meant to be used as much as it is appreciated. We value the markings that develop with time, and encourage our customers to embrace what may come with regular use. We use our pieces daily, rain or shine, and we believe it only makes the piece more beautiful (and most people seem to agree upon seeing our used pieces).

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